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It's Easy and Free to Sell Your Inventory

We let Suppliers post their stock for free – no limitations on quantity of parts. Some of our Suppliers post 100 parts, while some post 1 million parts.

All we require is that you clearly identify your stock file as In-stock (in your warehouse and typically ready to ship the same day), or Available (not in your warehouse, but can be ordered and shipped within 7 days).

Follow these steps to post your inventory:

  1. Sign-up for a free Supplier Account where you provide company information, so that our Buyers can send RFQs or contact your company to order needed parts.
  2. We accept a wide variety of Inventory file formats (Excel xls, xlsx, csv in addition to dat, fle, txt, xml). Our preferred format is Excel csv.
  3. Email your stock file to, and include a signature that identifies your company name.
    1. If you have both In-stock and Available inventory files, then send two separate files with file names to clearly distinguish, or a single file with a column that designates in-stock or available.
  4. We will review and approve your inventory file within 24 hours.

    Note: If your inventory file exceeds Email maximum size limits (e.g. 25 Mbytes), or it is more convenient for you to send via FTP, contact us at with a subject line = FTP request <Supplier name>.

The requirements for your inventory file are simple:

  1. The only mandatory fields are a part number and quantity (Red in table below).
  2. Optionally, your file can include any other fields you normally export. The fields that we can map and display to our buyers are shown in the table below:
Column Description Field Type Max Chars
Part Number Manufacturer Part Number Character 255
Quantity Quantity in Stock   20
Manufacturer Manufacturer of the part Character 255
DescriptionA description of the partCharacter255
Date CodeThe date when part was madeCharacter8
AlternateAlternate Part numberCharacter255
CondCondition of part (New, Used, etc.)Character8
Shopping Cart URLYour site product page to order partValid URL255
In-StockIn-stock or AvailableCharacter9
Pricing Start (1)Start column for price break infoCharacter8
Pricing End (1)End column for price break infoCharacter8
Currency (2)USD, CAD, EURO, CAD, UAD, GBP, SGD, NZD, YENCharacter4
  1. Either 1 price column for single price, or an even number of price break columns (e.g., PB 1, Price 1, PB 2, Price 2, PB 3, Price 3, PB 4, Price 4, PB 5, Price 5)
  2. Default currency is USD, unless you provide a different currency. All prices are displayed in your native currency.
  3. An example Excel inventory file is provided here.