Frequently Asked Questions

What is Component Search?

Component Search is an online search engine database for electronic components. We have over 850 Suppliers with both in-stock and available inventory. You search by manufacturer part number and are presented with Suppliers who have the part in stock or available to them, with pricing, part data and datasheets.

How do I search for Parts on your site?

Enter the manufacturer part number into the search bar and you will be presented matching parts on our search result page.

How do I purchase parts located from a Supplier on your website?

Some Suppliers have a shopping cart in the Price/Buy column, while others have a contact button. The shopping cart will take you directly to the Suppliers website page where you can order the part. If there is a Contact button, click it and you can either call or Email them for quantity/price information, or you can click their company name which will bring up an RFQ form that will result in an Email to the Supplier.

Why don’t you have prices for all your Suppliers?

All of our Authorized Distributors provide pricing on their parts, and a few of our independent Suppliers. Typically, independent Suppliers purchase overstock parts from manufacturers and price their parts based upon many factors that can result in frequent price changes. This is why you have contact the Supplier, or send an RFQ, in order to get pricing for the parts and quantity you need.

What is In-Stock inventory and available?

There is a clear distinction on our site between in-stock and available stock. The default search filter is set to return in-stock parts, which means the Supplier has them in their warehouse, and they can usually ship the day you place an order. Our Suppliers also have parts not currently in their warehouse, that they can order for you. This requires a longer lead time.

What is an RFQ and how can I send one?

An RFQ is a Request For Quote. There are three ways to send a Supplier an RFQ:

  1. Component Search Mail System – On the search results page, there is a column titled Supplier/Location/Rating. Click on the supplier’s name and the Supplier’s contact information will appear in a pop up window. You can fill out an RFQ and send them an Email via the Component Search Mail System. This sends the Supplier your RFQ via the Component Search internal Mail System as well as to their company email.

  2. Mass RFQ - On the search results page, there is a column titled RFQ. Check the box for as many Suppliers that you would like to send an RFQ to and click the Send RFQ button. A lightbox will appear where you can fill out your RFQ information and submit your RFQ. This sends the Supplier(s) your RFQ via the Component Search internal Mail System as well as to their company email.

  3. Direct Contact – On the search results page, there is a column titled Pricing/Buy. If there is a shopping cart, click it and you will be brought to that Supplier’s website and product page where you can either buy from their ecommerce site, obtain pricing, or send an RFQ. If there is not a shopping cart there will be a green contact button, click it. That supplier’s Phone, Fax, and email will appear and you can contact them given your preferred method.

What is my Username and Password?

If you have not signed up for a Free Trial, please do so here. Your Username will be your email and an auto generated password will be sent to you via email. When you login you will be asked to change your password.

Why can't I see the Suppliers?

You have not signed up for a Free Trial or are not logged into your account. Simply click here and enter your email to begin using Component Search and see the inventory from all of our 850+ suppliers and their contact information.

What are the advantages of Component Search?

We provide the combined inventories from 850+ Suppliers with verified in-stock parts, so that you can locate the parts you need quickly. We save you time and money, since you can locate all the parts you need in one place and many times you can compare prices from different Suppliers to get the best price. You also have access to basic part information and datasheets to over 430 million parts. combines the main features from other basic sites, in order to provide you the most comprehensive part search platform in the industry.

Why should you trust Component Search?

People trust us because we are here for the right reasons. We provide a site where you aren’t wasting your time with companies just posting everything as in stock. We don’t charge Suppliers to post their Inventory, because this allows us to remain unbiased in order to provide an honest and transparent market. If we determine one of our Suppliers is posting in-stock inventory that is not ready to ship, and they don’t have a valid reason, then their stock is changed to Available.

How much does it cost?

Click here to see pricing information.

What is Enterprise?

You receive all the features a Buyer Pro User has, but at a lower subscription rate for a larger volume of users.

Does Component Search do business in other countries?

Electronics span the globe and so do we. You will find suppliers and buyers from all over the world on Component Search.

I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

We provide two methods to get a problem resolved:

  • An on-line Chat feature

  • Feedback to send an Email to Componentsearch