Terms & Conditions

These Standard Terms and Conditions, along with the terms specified in any quotation from Component Search, constitute the complete agreement governing any orders or purchases between Component Search and the Buyer or Customer.

Buyer Order Terms & Conditions

The sale of products and services ("Products") by Component Search, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Component Search" or "we") is subject to the following terms and conditions ("Agreement"), which prevail over any conflicting or additional terms or conditions in any purchase order, document, or other communication ("Order"). The terms and conditions outlined herein apply regardless of any preprinted terms and conditions on any document provided by the customer ("Customer" or "Buyer") such as Purchase Orders or Order Confirmations. Component Search's failure to object to conflicting or additional terms does not modify or supplement the terms of this Agreement.


No order will become legally binding upon Component Search until it is accepted in writing (including electronic transmissions) by Component Search. Any changes to a purchase order must be communicated in writing or electronically in a manner acceptable to Component Search. Purchase documents provided by the Customer containing standard printed terms of purchase/sale will be considered for administrative purposes only and will hold no legal validity. All product orders are considered non-cancelable and non-returnable ("NCNR"). However, NCNR orders may be accepted as a return with restocking fees at the discretion of Component Search. All shipments are made under the Ex Works incoterms, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Component Search. No accepted orders can be changed, canceled, or rescheduled without the written consent of Component Search (including electronic transmissions), which will be granted or withheld at the sole discretion of Component Search.

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